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safe1636373 artist:komasantaffy13 starlight glimmer46416 trixie64877 twilight sparkle291319 alicorn210334 pony901460 unicorn293780 blushing185962 cute189172 diatrixes3003 eyes closed85939 female1302401 glimmerbetes3652 lesbian92867 mare448294 polyamory6498 shipping191163 smiling229516 startrix2742 twiabetes11082 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119760 twistarlight523 twixie5008 twixstar63


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Background Pony #DE3C
Both Twilight and Starlight deserve the best. And no ponies better then both of them.

Sci-Twi Lover
I don't ship them polyamory, I'm not an all-time fan favorite of Trixie (just liking her instead), and I'm a OTP fan of TwiStar, but this is so adorable as Best Friends Portrait Pic Ever!