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I had interpreted that image differently. I thought Silverstream was actually herself and Ocellus was playing Rarity. That she persuaded him to play out her fantasy of getting mercilessly punished by miss Rarity.
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Hehe, thanks! I tried writing for FimFiction, but my attention span doesn't work very well. However, writing little things like this for pictures on Derpibooru is something I can finish. :)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

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The story continueus!

Ocellus showed up on time, but Rarity seemed less than pleased despite her punctuality. The unicorn was just finishing writing a few lines on the chalkboard.

"Afterschool detention. No talking. Two hours. Silverstream — Fourty Swats" was written across the chalkboard.

Ocellus felt the color run from her face, eyes widen and her jaw gaped as she read the board. Silverstream didn't mention this! Of course, Rarity was one of the teachers who had garnered a reputation for not sparing the rod when she felt a lecture alone wouldn't be enough of a lesson.

"Front and center, Miss Silverstream. Forelegs on the podium, hindlegs spread out and rump presented," Rarity commanded, a long flexible rod held in her magic which she gave a few practice swings that soundly cutted the air.

"Y-yes ma'am," Ocellus said and quickly made her way to the front. She grasped the podium with her taloned claws, widened the distance between her hindlegs and arched her back the best she could so her derriere was presented.

"Fourty swats with the cane. We've already spoken about why you're being punished, so I suggest you think long and hard about it so I'll not find you here again, am I understood," the mare asked as she gave the cane a few taps against Silverstream's rear.

Ocellus nodded, gulped and answered, "Yes ma'am." The changeling clenched her eyes closed and merely waited as Rarity fell silent. Only went the cane left her rump did she knew the punishment started.

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK! Rarity delivered each lick with precision and made sure to pause so that the sting could have it's time to settle in before giving the next. Rarity watched as the rod cracked across the hippogriff's delecteble rump. The way it'd adorably give a little bounce and jiggly shortly was certainly a…. pleasing sight, but Rarity was far too professional to let the fact she was enjoying the sight slip out.

Ocellus' dug her talons into the wood, scratching it as she'd feel a stripe of pain sear her rump then subside just a little before the next lick came. By the thirtieth swat, the hippogriff was sobbing and no longer held back her cries in shame as Rarity administeed the last ten licks quicker and lighter than the rest. By the end of it, her pink rump was layed with red raised welts and the entirety of her rear was as red as a rose. She collapsed her face into the podium, tears running her cheeks and dampening the wood.

Rarity smiled, but only faintly as she rubbed Ocellus' back. "There there, darling. It's over… you took your medicine like a dignified lady." The rod was shelved and Rarity produced a small blue bottle which she smothered the end of her hoof with the contents. She began to massage and work it into the hippogriff's sore rear.

At first Ocellus gave a loud whimper, but it fell off as whatever Rarity was working into her punished backside was cooling the hot stingy pain and at least giving her a little relief. Enough so she was able to relax as Rariity's hooves kneaded her bottom and gave it a good work over with the solution.

By the time Detention was over, the two exchanged hugs and Ocellus left Rarity to finish some paperwork. Ocellus went off to find Silverstream, there was certainly going to be a long talk about this between the two. Rarity, however, did not return to her paperwork. She instead locked the door, made sure it was secure before pulling out a long phallus shaped object that seemed to vibrate to life when she fed it a little magic.

"Might as well take care of this now while I've got that lovely image fresh in my head."
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

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*Ocellus let out a loud surprised squeak as Silverstream was suddenly in front of her without even the slightest warning! It was enough to send the changeling stumbling back till she fell and was resting on her rump. "S-s-silverstream, where are you going," she asked, then noticed the anxiety and worry that worn heavily on her friend's face, "and what's the matter, is something wrong?"

Silverstream smiled, though it was incredibly strained, "Oh, no, no, no! Everything's fine now that I found you," exclaimed the hippogriff with glee. "You see I have a very important place to go and somepony to meet, but I have detention this afternoon, but I reaaaaally can't afford to go or this pony might get mad at me so I was looking for someway to get out of it, but then I saw you and got an idea and so yeah," the long winded Silverstream explained without a pause, but sucked in a gulp of air and exhaled in relief.

Ocellus had learned quickly to follow along with the quick speaking hippogriff, so she was able to take in the whole story without missing a single word. "Oh my, that does sound terrible, detention? With who… and how could I possibly help," she asked, head tilted to the side in curiosity.

"Rarity, and you're a changeling… so I just… like, need you to take my place in detention! I mean, we're good friends and I'll owe you super duper big time, okay," the hippogriff's voice took on a tone that bordered between pleading and begging.

Ocellus gave Silverstream the most peculiar look, "But… it's your dentention."

Silverstream frantically nodded, putting on her biggest smile and puppy dog eyes she could manage, "Oh come on, we're bestest buddies, so pweaaaaaaaaaase? All you have to do is sit there for a couple of hours and it'll be done. Oh, and I'll help you with your homework!"

Ocellus sighed, smiled then gave a slow nod,"Okay, but only cause we are good friends."

Silverstream squealed in delight, grabbed Ocellus up and gave her the biggest squeeziest hug that had the changeling gasping for air.

"S-silver… stream, too… tight, need… air," the changeling muttered out as she felt her exoskeleton's strength tested by the hippogriff. She gasped and gave the hippogriff another smile as she was released.

Silverstream grinned, "You're so awesome, thanks Ocellus. Oh, and I'm suppose to be in detention in about fifteen minutes," and with that the hippogriff took off in the opposite direction!

"Fif-fifteen minutes… oh my, I better hurry," her horn glowed briefly before her entire body shapeshifted into a perfectly indentical copy of Silverstream. She then wasted no time in making her way to the school!

To Be Continued Soon!
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I am sorry…ow…Miss Rarity…I will never skipping class…ow…again..ow….Please, I will good…OW!!!
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Yeah at first i thought she asked him to RP as Rarity. But then realized she asked Ocellus To take her place for punishment.
@Background Pony #319E"Rarity is using magical levitation, can changelings do that? That blue is her magic color.

so yeah Ocellus disguised as Silver Stream. and their expressions make sense this way
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@Background Pony #93FF
@wumbl3 >Rarity

I don't think so. Bottom frame Rarity is using magical levitation, can changelings do that? That blue is her magic color.

I think Silverstream knew she was in trouble and begged Ocellus to take her place in detention. Did Ocellus know detention involved a spanking? Either way Silverstream owes her big time.