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safe (1457993)screencap (180033)discord (27291)spike (69917)draconequus (6754)dragon (39900)the break up breakdown (544)animated (86158)archer (157)arrow (1718)blushing (158042)bow (weapon) (1201)captain wuzz (86)clothes (365819)costume (22673)duo (40670)garbuncle (84)hat (66967)hearts and hooves day (1765)looking at each other (13199)magic staff (52)male (266898)sound (5217)table (7256)webm (7816)wizard (573)wizard hat (771)

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Background Pony #8F6A
Spike you already have one but if you want two, that’s fine by me. As long they didn’t fight each other everything fine.
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