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safe (1457526)screencap (179965)big macintosh (25614)discord (27289)fluttershy (187155)spike (69911)draconequus (6752)pony (723020)unicorn (214958)dungeons and discords (681)archer (157)armor (19290)black knight (15)bow (weapon) (1201)captain wuzz (86)cloak (3414)clothes (365643)dice (400)dungeons and dragons (1078)female (784717)garbuncle (84)gem (4325)hat (66937)helmet (8314)horned helmet (257)magic staff (52)male (266792)mare (350447)ogres and oubliettes (250)parsnip (22)race swap (11281)sir mcbiggen (95)staff (2505)stallion (76542)sword (9618)unicorn big mac (107)weapon (23613)wizard (573)wizard hat (770)


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