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Just a little idea…this happens before forgotten friendship.

(Please read description)

When spike lose his magic to talk…sunset and twilight get lost at sea and to make things worse they get stuck on a desert island….now spike must be able to help his friends….but can he be able to do it with out talking.
safe1614453 editor:php77463 sci-twi22459 spike75708 spike the regular dog2397 sunset shimmer58858 twilight sparkle288133 dog8828 equestria girls187352 equestria girls series30172 forgotten friendship4966 bag3911 beach13715 clothes425474 equestria girls in real life291 glasses56718 irl67989 looking at each other17742 palm tree1326 photo76392 ponytail16434 sandals3964 sarong861 selfie drone106 stranded20 swimsuit26193 tree29145


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