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This is like the fourth time I've re-done my top 10 Pony ships list :') If you don't agree with me, then you can just leave and don't be a dick about it, thank you~

10. PipBelle: PipBelle has always been a pairing I really liked, they just seem like they'd suit eachother very well!
9. MaudMac: I know Big Mac and Maud are both dating someone else, but honestly, Maud and Big Mac would work very well together! They're both very calm and they both don't like talking. I can dream, guys-
8. GilDash: I started shipping them during the episode where they made up with eachother. Their friendship is really cute, and I can totally see them being a power couple~
7. Twixie: Even though they were originally rivals, I feel like their dynamic together is great. I really hope Trixie and Twilight interact more in future episodes, instead of Trixie and Starlight.
6. RumbleTiara: I admit that this is more of a guilty pleasure ship, since I don't think they've interacted much. They just look very cute together so I couldn't resist-
5. CheesePommel: Same as above. They contrast eachother very nicely, Coco being quiet and calm, while Cheese is cheerful and happy-go-Lucky. It reminds me of FlutterPie!
4. SoarinFire: Soarin' and Spitfire have always striked me as a great couple. They work together and their similar but still different personalities would work great together.
3. SkyPie: Just go watch the clip of "One Small Thing". That's all that needs to be said here.
2. FlashShimmer: That Equestria Girls short had me SCREAMING. It proves that even after all they've been through, they still want to stay friends, and that's some real dedication, seeing what Sunset's done to him in the past. For Flash to forgive her just like that, I think that really does mean something.
1. FlutterCord: Okay look I adore FlutterCord. Discord's admiration for Fluttershy is adorable, and I'm so glad that the writers decided for Fluttershy to be the one to reform him. Every scene they have together just works so well, and even though they're completely different, they also have many similarities which makes their bond even stronger.

HONORABLE MENTIONS! (A lot of Flutterships-)
Rarity x Fancypants
Spike x Ember
Fluttershy x Soarin'
Adagio Dazzle x Aria Blaze
Sunset Shimmer x Starlight Glimmer
Fluttershy x Twilight Sparkle
Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle
Apple Bloom x Tender Taps
Applejack x Flim
Spitfire x Rainbow Dash
Fluttershy x Capper
Diamond Tiara x Apple Bloom
Octavia x Cheerilee
Bon Bon x Lyra
Fluttershy x Pinkie Pie
Celestia x Chrysalis
Trouble Shoes x Tree Hugger
Double Diamond x Sugar Belle
Party Favor x Night Glider
Rainbow Dash x Dumbbell
Lightning Dust x Fleetfoot
Derpy x Doctor Whooves
Silver Spoon x Featherweight
Babs Seed x High Score
Flim x Luna
Sombra x Celestia
Silver Shill x Applejack
Twilight Sparkle x Thunderlane
safe1577501 artist:krazykari675 artist:lettelauren41 artist:mallorysbeast10 artist:margaretlovez31 artist:purple-yoshi-draws483 artist:souleatersaku90160 artist:sprinklebloom3 diamond tiara9675 discord28718 flash sentry12104 fluttershy198049 gilda9108 pinkie pie203440 pipsqueak2706 princess skystar1788 rainbow dash219603 rumble3812 soarin'13335 spitfire12788 sunset shimmer57733 sweetie belle46709 trixie62232 twilight sparkle282996 classical hippogriff4463 griffon24897 hippogriff8329 equestria girls180506 my little pony: the movie17904 cheesecoco26 discoshy2502 female900872 flashimmer1840 gildash337 interspecies20696 lesbian92284 macinmaud22 male306106 opinion306 shipping184239 skypie161 soarinfire569 straight121849 sweetiesqueak71 tiarumble16 top 1022 twixie4895


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Background Pony #55B8
1. YES
5.cheese is with pinkie
6.Noooooooo no
10. best ship EVER
Background Pony #0991
Fluttercord is the best and should become canon and have dedicated episode 200 about it
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

Imperial Panzerfuchs
1. Eeyup!
2. It's nice.
3. What!?
4. Sure!
5. This is a ship!?
6. Hmm… Why not?
7. Twixie StarTrix
8. TwiDash
9. Canon before shipping
10. Even SpikeBelle would make more sense. ;-D

Just my humble opinion. Feel free to ignore it. (grin)