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Attention, students! Meet me in my office for this week’s attempt at making a comic for each new episode of Friendship is Magic’s 8th season. As I mentioned last time, I was out of town for a little while and unable to work on a comic until recently. In the interest of not wasting any more time than I have to, I have to decided to make this week’s comic another mini, meaning a small panel count and simplified art style. The last time I did this it was actually fairly popular, so maybe that’s a good thing?
This week’s comic is based on Marks for Effort. I always love a good Crusader episode, and this was a good Crusader episode! Just a good ol’ romp with best fillies helping out other fillies in need and Princess Twilight Sparkle treating them like criminals for no reason. And with their new role in the School of Friendship, that’s all the main characters present and accounted for on the school’s staff! …Is it weird that I was more excited about the CMC becoming tutors than I was about Spike getting wings?
Starlight Glimmer as a guidance counselor is still the funniest thing in the world to me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s clearly trying, and she’s done a good job in the role so far, but… it’s Starlight Friggin Glimmer! Founder of Equalism, Destroyer of Timelines, well known for making REALLY bad decisions based on the most minor of provocations! For as much progress as she’s made studying friendship and going on adventures for the greater good, it’s not like years and years believing that doing the kinds of terrible things she did are okay can just be instantly hammered out by sheer force of will! I also have evidence and reason to believe that she’s never ENTIRELY stopped being evil. There’s still a Glimmer of deviousness and powerlust in her that drives her to make more bad decisions if she thinks she can get away with it. That or poor impulse control. Either way, the idea of HER guiding young minds towards their futures is… concerning, to say the least. Though it IS a pretty humorous concept to make comics about!
Hope you find the tutoring you need to succeed! Looking forward to the next episode!
Cheerilee, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Starlight Glimmer, and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro and DHX.
safe1753648 artist:bjdazzle131 apple bloom51088 cheerilee10147 scootaloo51964 starlight glimmer49859 sweetie belle49769 earth pony267156 pegasus310253 pony1013222 unicorn343532 marks for effort1173 apple16795 arm behind head6824 bad advice36 blatant lies1347 cage1010 captive124 captivity36 chains5119 chair7115 chalk565 chalkboard2938 chibi14855 chocolate3445 comic111606 crying44911 cutie mark crusaders19342 desk3408 detention90 disproportionate retribution196 dungeon996 empathy cocoa222 eraser243 evil3010 food73152 guidance counselor94 heart50136 hot chocolate1268 inkwell467 kite811 leaning back512 marshmallow1365 math838 obliviously evil4 overreaction103 paper3316 passive aggressive30 pointer117 punishment910 quill2761 scared10785 season 8 homework assignment25 starlight's office350 teacher975 text62361 thinking2007 thought bubble3578 underground185 wall of text654 well that escalated quickly34 yelling3206


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