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The Angry Student Six
safe1949623 screencap258236 gallus8354 ocellus6322 sandbar6438 silverstream7250 smolder10176 yona6069 changedling10312 changeling57691 classical hippogriff5950 dragon70669 griffon32498 hippogriff12033 pony1299802 yak5779 non-compete clause832 angry32254 cloven hooves12629 dragoness11919 female1582671 flying46588 gallus is not amused197 looking back72727 male451806 monkey swings1605 ocellus is not amused77 sandbar is not amused60 silverstream is not amused31 smolder is not amused223 student six1973 teenager5875 unamused20222 yona is not amused76


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Background Pony #3EC1
@Background Pony #2921  
Ocellus also has good leadership qualities and isn’t nearly as scared out of her wits as Season 1 Fluttershy. She can rise up to the situation when need be and be a quiet yet strong leader who helps keep the friendship.
Background Pony #3EC1
These guys are the future elements of harmony.
Ocellus Magic  
Silverstream Honesty  
Smolder Loyalty  
Yona Generosity
Gallus Laughter  
Sandbar Kindness
Ocellus is very adept at advanced transfiguration. Not spells, even basic ones like levitation since drone changelings can’t perform those.
Silverstream is a very excited hippogriff, eager to learn about the world around her. She is a genuine person in everything she does and finds it hard to lie to herself and others.
Once she gets attached to something, Smolder would never simply abandon it. Dragon culture valuves loyalty to something or someone and considers it honorable, as evidenced by the Dragon Code and how dragons will rarely, if ever leave their hoards.
Yona may be big, but her heart is bigger. She finds joy in sharing her culture with others, and probably will not be object to sharing and giving many other things to help others as well. However she is a bit too free in giving and people may take advantage.
Gallus always prefers that his friends are joking around and laughing rather than being ‘downers’. This could be a byproduct of Griffon culture where being ‘emotional’ or ‘sappy’ is considered a sign of being unfit. He grows to care about his friends a lot even if he’ll not easily admit that. He keeps the team morale high with trademark sarcasm and quips.
Sandbar is a laid-back little pony and goes with the flow. He is not bothered very much about his peers being different and offers them help and a friend when they need it. Raised in an idllyic beach town where the residents don’t really seem to be bothered with the magical monster of the week and instead sip coconut cocktails and eat seaweed, excitement is rare for this pony.
Jonny Manz
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It’s one thing to have Yona, Gallus, and Smolder annoyed at you, but when Silverstream, Sandbar, and Ocellus feel the same, you know you’ve messed up pretty badly.