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Commission done by MirraMortas
safe (1461351)artist:mirramortas (1)oc (541577)oc:pipe dream (56)anthro (206169)pegasus (198976)saiyan (86)unguligrade anthro (38266)abs (7771)anthro oc (25942)aura (645)clothes (366943)cloven hooves (7652)crossover (53912)dragon ball super (403)goku (489)mastered ultra instinct (10)muscles (8447)partial nudity (13692)solo (896117)topless (9731)torn clothes (3862)tournament of power (32)ultra instinct (61)wings (56136)


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #ADD5
@Background Pony #65B3
No, I know that he’s just the manga artist with no influence on the anime at all. But what I meant was that I’m wondering if Mastered Ultra Instinct was inspired by Super Saiyan 5 from the DBAF fan manga, since both are silver in color.
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Background Pony #0042
@Background Pony #0C22
toyotaro really has no power over the anime
toriyama said that originally the ssj blue would be white but he thought to leave it for later so that he would not be mistaken for zamasu
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Background Pony #ADD5
I wonder if Mastered Ultra Instinct was visually inspired by Toriotaro’s/Torishima’s "Dragonball AF" fan manga that he made ages ago.
Quite possibly.
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