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Under the book she is reading, there is a stack of 4 books with one book leaning in front of it. It’s the book at the bottom of the stack that says “Who was Megan?”

>Canterlot Castle: A History Vol II is in the forbidden magic archives… and it not only lists the portal to the human world, but becoming an alicorn during that time….let that sink in.
If volume 1 likely included the very start of Canterlot Castle when it was built and ruled by Unicorns…then what does volume II contain?
What ponies became alicorns during that time period by use of the mirror? Oh wait…if the mirror was involved, who’s to say they were even ponies?
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Shouldn’t that librarian get fired for sleeping on the job and letting unauthorized ponies enter the library?
And does this mean that portals to other worlds are evil, because they’re based on dark magic?
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It’s an old question. “Moon” is basically the vague time unit FiM uses for everything.
It is my and others’ educated opinion that quite logically it has to stands for a month. (Which, as you know, the concept and the name of a “month” comes from in the first place, as it is the approximate time it takes for the moon to come full circle.) So by that logic, 30 moons is 2 and a half years exactly.
There are folks that don’t like that idea that much, like folks who do not like to think that the Apple Family Reunion takes place every 6 or so years (“100 moons” in the episode). Though I have to point out that many of those arguments are based on a flawed understanding of a family reunion and try to squeeze the yearly meet-ups during Summer Sun in there too (which, IMHO, is clearly contradicted by the reunion being defined as a rare event in the episode). But there you have it - no ifficial word, so you can make up whatever you want.

Yeah, you really would think there would be better defenses set up to protect that room. {And maybe just telling her about the other world would have been the better option. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt anything and it was just eating Sunset alive just thinking about it.}
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Serves you right for not being quiet in the library. You speak loud enough to wake up any lazy librarians, you end up turned into a demon and being magically punted into a crater.