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"I see…" (sips)
safe1613986 edit122951 edited screencap59193 screencap210599 starlight glimmer45575 pony881566 unicorn284559 marks for effort1078 the cutie map4031 :i1466 angry24964 animated94100 character development40 chocolate3098 cloud28431 comparison4138 cup5772 drinking3164 empathy cocoa210 equal cutie mark1403 equal sign154 faic11626 female1284730 floppy ears47764 food64160 gritted teeth10834 hot chocolate1147 house2042 i mean i see463 our town263 ragelight glimmer233 s5 starlight1560 school of friendship1146 sky12587 solo1002256 sound7646 stare1312 starlight's office322 thousand yard stare664 webm11345 yelling2876


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Background Pony #7699
look like starlight meets her past self….bet her past self isent happy about the new mane style