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"Thank you to everyone who came to my first official Sketch Request Livestream! We got some GREAT requests, it was a delight to draw each and every one of them!

Also, I’d like to announce that I am officially open for commissions! Please note me if you are interested; I’m still getting a commission sheet up, but for now:

*Sketches like the above will be $5 per character.
Fully linearted will be $10.
Colored and shaded is $15.
Backgrounds will vary depending on complexity and if they are black-and-white or colored.
For more details, please contact me by Private Message!

For those of you who are new, please take a gander at my Ask Blog comics to see how fully finished lineart will look. (Those comics are done in pencil instead of on the computer, but I’ve found the effect is pretty similar.)"


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You're gay.
I'm not sure what false claims you're referring to because you said literally the same thing I did in my 1st 2 comments. I said that Fruity Fusion was an ask blog and not a dead musician, and you're splitting hairs with this "dead and defunct" point. A "dead" ask blog means there are no plans to update it. "Defunct" is defined as "no longer existing or functioning". So yes, AFF is dead and defunct. You disagreed with me and then said what I said. "Oh, it's not dead and defunct. It's ended. Total difference." So they shouldn't take seriously that I said Fruity Fusion in this case is a pony blog and not a dead musician and that the blog is no more?

What even prompted you to make this comment so long after this image was posted and these comments made?

This person is a former friend I had a falling out with. You know what they mean by "obsessively fixated on it in the past"? They're super insecure and constantly moan about and fall into literal depression over people not liking their art because it doesn't get more views. They got mad at me simply because I followed Ask Fruity Fusion but didn't check out their non-pony stuff they made after. That they harassed me by repeatedly asking and eventually outright telling me to go look at and read. So by following Fruity Fusion and not their other stories, I'm "fixated on Fruity Fusion". They literally said that to me. And they said that because I'm their friend, I need to promo their stuff, and they were like "You're just mad because I'm telling you to do something you don't want to do." This behavior continued until they started becoming increasingly actually angry, so I eventually told them if they didn't stop, I'd cut ties with them, so they cut ties with me. Years before, I knew it was gonna end like this. Because I find their stories mediocre, but I know how emotional they are about their art not being good enough, so I didn't want to say that, but I knew they were going to keep asking me about it, but I didn't want to lie and say I think it's great. I was like "This is gonna come to a head. I can tell they're gonna keep asking me about it, and I'm eventually gonna have to confront them, and it's going to be irreconcilable because of how entrenched this is in them." It was something I was dreading that was always in the back of my mind. What I didn't predict was that it would get increasingly negative from them.

Oh, and they were like "you were never there for me" when I tried to help every time they came to me with a problem except once when a couple hours later, they were like "never mind" because the time period fell between the 5 hours I was at work. As you're probably guessing, they're really insecure and paranoid and high-maintenance, needing continual validation and attention.

I didn't "commission" this drawing. It was a free request. The description/blog post say it's a free request. Just so it's clear, they said they didn't want fanart after, not before, and since "uploading my artwork without my permission" sounds like it was probably multiple, I uploaded a total of 1 thing of theirs, which doesn't invalidate the statement, but just leaving it vague like that makes it sound like it was probably worse than it was, which is the intent. Which they aren't actually even that mad about since they're leaving it up; they just want to harm me. Oh, yes, they honestly think it's so bad that I did that, even though they never tried to take it down and totally aren't bringing it up for other, petty reasons. "Obsessively fixated on it in the past" means that in 6 years, I requested 1 fanart and uploaded 1 post on Derpibooru. And I was annoyed that I got free art for someone, and their reaction was "I dislike this and you shouldn't have done it." And then I said I was sorry I was annoyed and they didn't have to like it. But despite me apologizing, they're still even after all this time actually really angry over something that was never a big deal. And they say I'm obsessively fixated.

They don't remember things the way that they happen. They continually remember things wrong. And notice how I'm giving you specifics and context, and they're just keeping it vague. Sorry…this happened and you had to see it.

You know what's obsessively fixated? Replying to years-old comments under years-old uploads and publicly starting shit with people you dislike just to spite them when you've had no contact with them in a long time. Eternally hounding people over things that were only slightly bad or non-issues. Repeatedly harassing people to go read and share your art or else they're not a good friend. Constantly crying because enough people didn't look at it. You're far more obsessively fixated on your art than I ever was. To an unhealthy, detrimental degree. Move on.

If you think the one post being on Derpibooru is that bad, take it down. Just shut up and take it down. Or if you don't want it removed, then shut up about it. Either way, shut up.

Since you decided to tell your friend about that art situation but twist it to paint me in a bad light, I decided to tell some people too, and they said it was weird that you told me you didn't want me liking your posts on Tumblr, but you did want me promo-ing your stuff. You're a user, and this makes me think you were never my friend. You're a creepy, malicious, lying, insecure, obsessed, delusional user. You do realize that your behavior regarding me looking at and advertising your art is abnormal, right? That it means you have something wrong with you?

And then you had to go and put your shit under a nice, generous person I like's cute art, and now everyone who looks at this picture has to see it. People don't like to see drama. It's ugly. You're selfish. You want everyone else to have to see it just so you can spite me. I had said nothing that needed to be addressed. Go away. If you keep this up, I'm gonna be reporting you and asking the mods to ban you.
Artist -

Ask Fruity Fusion was an askblog I ran from 2012-2015. I made the background pony "Berry Dreams" the protagonist, but Fruity Fusion was the name fans gave her on the wiki. It has nothing to do with some dead musician; hell, I didn't know he existed when I made the blog.

AFF isn't 'dead and defunct'. I just ended it early because I wasn't in the fandom anymore. Reversalmushroom has obsessively fixated on it in the past, making false claims and uploading my artwork without my permission. He commissioned this piece and acted like I should be grateful when I said, as the creator, that I didn't want fanart. So don't take what reversal says seriously.

@Background Pony #9866