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safe1636830 artist:franschesco208 adagio dazzle12385 aria blaze9414 rarity175718 sonata dusk13052 spike76562 sunset shimmer59951 twilight sparkle291388 human148404 equestria girls190758 adagispike1 ariaspike20 breasts260091 busty rarity11945 cleavage32781 cute189245 female1302789 horned humanization6557 humanized97262 implied shipping4659 implied sparity356 implied straight5215 male350243 photo77096 raribetes5011 shipping191215 sparity6415 spike gets all the mares734 spike gets all the sirens10 spinata37 straight129743 sunsetspike146 the dazzlings4175 this will end in death2284 this will end in jail time377 yandere799 yanderity52


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Background Pony #5B34
So, gonna ask, is it gonna be a normal thing for there to be more of Spike having a hairstyle similar to Midoriya? Because he seriously has the same hair style as Midoriya as a kid.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Everything is Everything
There was a note attached:

"Dear Little Miss Thing Rarity,

We know you've been really busy down at the Carousel Boutique, so we decided to take your little Spikey-Wikey out for a fabulous day of fun. Don't worry; we'll take really good care of him and have him back home at a reasonable time. Or when we feel like it. We're willing to negotiate. Have a great day!

Sunset and the Dazzlings"

(Rarity glancing at horrified Twilight Sparkle after reading note: "There will be blood, darling.")