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‘Nother ponification request. Been a while
Lyra and Bonbon
safe1883438 artist:senaelik91 bon bon17424 lyra heartstrings31359 sweetie drops17424 earth pony323344 pony1229867 unicorn403754 adorabon714 candy7943 candy cane2725 chest fluff48801 comic118831 cute223377 deepthroat5873 description is relevant958 drawthread2536 eating10920 eyes closed111338 female1521804 food81303 heart56091 heart eyes20848 kissing27420 lesbian104692 lyrabetes1507 lyrabon3621 ponified44661 request4197 requested art1598 shipping220588 stealing402 surprise kiss866 surprised10551 throat bulge3913 wingding eyes27634


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Background Pony #DD40
Because they just woke up and Bon Bon was having herself a peppermint stick for breakfast, one that Minty decided to steal.

I get your point. The argument was stupid to begin with and it’s over now. I admit my initial comment was wrong, my subsequent comments stirred up unnecessary drama and I have nothing more to say about anyone’s responses. How about we just enjoy the nice piece of art?
I think it’s cute how sleepy they look lol
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Feeling sick
That throat bulge is pretty great. But is that thing even long enough to do that? Let me just check in photoshop, compare the size… Yeah it’s too small, I’m not crazy… Unless she’s also sucking it out of BonBon’s mouth so she has even more length going in. Oh man, that’s quite a bit hotter than the kiss I originally saw it as.  
You tell people to stop arguing over realism, only after you argued and got something wrong. Nah man, you can’t say “This fandom, I swear…” and just escape. You are part of this fandom, and specifically you are part of the group that overanalyses. You’re just not, too good at that part.  
You don’t have to apologize, but take your loss with some dignity and just don’t reply maybe? Look where it’s lead you to try to act like you weren’t wrong. This is the irony of trying to look cool.

@Background Pony #40AA
Because it’s annoying when people nitpick art of cartoon ponies by comparing it to real life. Find something to better spend your time on.
I’m not stupid, I know I shouldn’t have responded with my 2 cents in the first place. But this fandom kills me with its nitpicking.
Background Pony #72D3
The same thing that gives you a gag reflex is also what lets you vomit. Real horses cannot vomit and that is why they never have a gag reflex.