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*Artist's Description:

Glimmy wears a UMP9's costume, from Girl's Frontline.
safe1555795 artist:orang111390 starlight glimmer42999 pony826975 unicorn257712 alternate hairstyle23794 armband765 bipedal30019 boots18298 clothes401243 digital art10934 eotech45 female880084 girl's frontline11 gun14383 hair ribbon168 heckler and koch39 mare404420 pantyhose3195 pleated skirt3947 shadow3487 shoes29011 signature18263 skirt35025 solo959574 submachinegun279 suppressor119 ump2 ump91 weapon26737


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Background Pony #2B65
I love these pictures. I own multiple EOTech optics though, and their logo is different now from the original