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I actually looked up the date this episode aired (IDK why) and it's July 30, 2016. BronyCon, incidentally, starts on July 27 and ends on July 29. Huh.
safe1636664 screencap213463 apple mint56 burning passion41 cardinal point11 carrot bun70 compass course15 daring do6269 endeavour21 flare de mare24 heart pacer34 lavender sunrise35 long shot25 love sketch34 moonlight zephyr11 ocean spray21 rainbow dash226276 violet spark34 earth pony222861 pegasus264717 pony901664 unicorn293948 stranger than fan fiction1032 apple family member2652 background pony9763 book31947 bracelet8552 camera3769 carrot1981 carrot dog77 clothes434451 convention2718 cosplay27188 costume26342 daring do cosplay22 daring do costume61 fake wings599 fangasm76 fangirl215 female1302640 filly62718 flag3646 food65783 hat81556 jewelry56948 las pegasus resident487 male350198 mare448392 photo booth56 pith helmet505 saddle bag5496 shirt22938 spread wings50648 stallion100256 t-shirt4088 unnamed pony1938 vendor hall6 wingboner7971 wings92375


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