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safe (1411316)artist:foxytthepiratefoxgir (11)edit (95659)edited screencap (42777)screencap (170231)mean applejack (202)mean rarity (216)oc (517194)oc:rotten core (6)icey-verse (355)the mean 6 (1302)clone (1487)cropped (33896)earth pony (143069)eyeshadow (10170)female (744935)grin (27479)hat (63217)lesbian (80343)magical lesbian spawn (8242)makeup (13684)mare (326477)mean rarijack (12)messy mane (5734)offspring (28326)open mouth (102191)parent:applejack (2700)parent:evil applejack (1)parent:mean applejack (11)parent:mean rarity (6)parents:mean rarijack (6)pony (676425)shipping (161885)simple background (286002)smiling (179834)transparent background (149589)unicorn (196816)vine (931)


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