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Welp there is one of the Queen herself.
Because Rarity is my favorite and I need excuses to draw her.

Trixie/Rarity — Showmares
-No one know how to put on a show like these two, absolutely stunning and magical, it's impossible to keep your eyes off of the magician or her gorgeous assistant

Celestia/Rarity — Royal respite
-A Monarchs closest relationship is of course with her chambermaiden and Celestia has taken to Rarity, not letting herself be dressed by anyone else. It's rare for a goddess to be able to submit, except when your mistress is such a gentle and dedicated seamstress.

Rara/Rarity — Ladies Rara
-Applewhomst ? After loosing her manager Coloratura was more then blessed to find a high society pony ready to both dress and manage her, an absolutely magical duo Rarity makes sure Rara sticks to the things that are important to her.

Rainbow/Rarity — Celeb Power couple
-The element of Loyalty and the Element of Generosity are hailed heroes, as well as an influencial fashion designer and wonderbolt, they work off each other amazingly, flirting on the next level and supporting each others passions at every turn

Frazzle/Rarity — ''I-I don't need to look good to manage you Miss''
- ''Nonsense darling, that pretty of a equine needs to be framed perfectly !'' They share not just taste in glasses but also a fascination for beautiful gem arangements and no one makes a filly feel gorgeous like Rarity does

Luna/Rarity — Royal Lullaby
-Nightmaid Rarity, need I say more ? Rarity is fantastic at teaching poise and social grace also, and she wants to be a princes idk man

Ember/Rarity — Dragon vs Princess
-Rarity knows how to woo a Lady, especially one of such high esteem as the Lord of Dragons who is so wonderfully flustered when blushing and insisting she's not remotely interested in pony courtship behavior

Pinkie/Rarity — Generous Laughter
-Everyone knows that the two Elements of curly hair are the ultimate frontier when it comes to celebrations, balls, parties, receptions you name it they have planned it, they spend their freetime quietly coexisting in the elustrious carousel boutique,were pinkie sways between inspiration and chaotic trouble maker

FlimFlam/Rarity — ''Yes, M'Lady''
-No one has a chanse of training these two numbskulls the way Lady Rarity does, it is a waste of talent for these mechanically inclined studs to run around cheating lil old ladies outta their money

Discord/Rarity — Hoping for peace
-She kicks him if he gets too sassy but also defends him from the scrutinizing and judging eyes of the public. Getting to actually drink and let loose is something Rarity learns to enjoy in his company a lot.
safe1589002 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24662 coloratura2718 discord28950 flam2023 flim2142 frazzle rock113 pinkie pie204751 princess celestia90551 princess ember5873 princess luna94442 rainbow dash220912 rarity170989 trixie62758 draconequus9272 dragon48917 earth pony203894 pegasus244761 pony856128 unicorn271337 alternate design2240 bisexual5042 bust41715 emberity44 female933262 flaimity1 flim flam brothers1181 glasses55509 lesbian92568 magic66540 male310347 ponytail15852 rara1025 rarara352 rarararara25 raricord25 raridash1839 rariflam10 rariflim1 rarilestia156 rariluna82 raripie798 rarirock1 rarity gets all the mares18 rarity gets all the stallions44 rarixie240 shipping185644 sparkles3856 straight122818


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All of these are really good and high quality, but then there is Fla/imity, I get it, they're all crackships but this one just really boggles me.

Also Embrarity for OTP
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Garbage man

Rarararara is a ship I never considered before researching rarity ships but I enjoy it quite a lot of I'm honest.

I'm so glad you enjoy how I draw rarity because I love her to bits she's a great character, and despite my original trouble with her hair it's fun to draw.
And actually all my unicorns have a visible magic lining on their horns, glad that you enjoy rarities especially.

Thank you !! I always think fashion horse deserves a harem much love !

@L. Cully
Nope ! I make these refs with ships I would consider for the characters and sparity is not a ship I particularly enjoy.
That said, I'm now really tempted to cut together my old spike shipping doodles haha

@Background Pony #9941
Thanks !
And by huge chompers I assume you mean sharp canines ?
I gotta admit I draw those occasionally for expressiveness but on pegasi specifically it's because I assume them to be pescaterians, they needed the protein for muscle building.
In the case of Fluttershy I make them extra pronounced thanks to her flutter at episode which made me keep big fangs for her.
Background Pony #65EA
This and the Shy one are super cute, but I've gotta ask, what's the deal with the huge chompers on the pegasi? I find it both strange and fascinating, and while it looks good I'm very curious as to why you went with that design choice.
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
Rarararara is something I never expected but it makes quite enough sense despite being a crack ship.

I quite like all of these ships and I love how you draw Rarity. She just looks so pretty and I like the accents of blue you put in her horn.

I also like the star make up you gave Rarity and Trixie. It's really pretty. I can picture Celestia and Luna wearing that too.