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I MAY be a touch biased because she's based off of my overall design for her seapony form (seen below), but she was one of my favorites from this year! Definitely my favorite seapony!

She is made from Amethyst, Mauve, and Saltwater minky for her hair. Her body is a custom dyed color I call "Light Orchid." (The colors never end up right in photography, be sure to check out the rest of my Starlights below to get a better idea of her colors!)
Her eyes and cutie mark are machine embroidered with files by equinepalette(me).
She is stuffed with poly-pellets and fiberfill. She is stuffed floppy, so she makes a great shoulder companion!
The pattern is by equinepalette(me).
My artist mark is embroidered on the bottom of her tail. File by TheHarley.

I don't like to spam profiles with "Thanks for the !"
So, in advance:

Art © equinepalette (me)
MLP:FiM © Hasbro

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