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safe1947285 artist:discordthege308 oc823832 oc only606118 oc:petal eclipse34 pegasus395553 pony1297103 :35675 butt171358 castle2464 commission94401 crescent moon2314 female1580395 flying46541 looking at you212563 looking back72469 looking back at you22406 mare604692 moon27675 night32141 open mouth193342 palm tree2240 plot111395 scenery9182 scenery porn973 solo1246853 spread wings73246 tail wrap7558 tree40229 wings169276


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Background Pony #0F6E
this looks like Discordthege updated the anatomy on this picture but the right hind leg is still undeniably longer than the left leg. The edit from 4chan fixed the anatomy and I don’t think Discordthege really took care to consider proper anatomy, even basic stuff like making sure one leg wouldn’t be longer than the other.
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Subtle is not how I would describe this. Excellent image except for one important and disfigured/misshaped part of her anatomy. /opinion
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Virtually real pony.
Wait, that’s a very weirdly sha-  
4chan spent a lot of time debating the anatomy in this image.
Yeah, wonder why.