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safe1921679 artist:patricksiegler6 apple bloom55271 applejack184856 boulder (pet)1387 dean cadance1375 diamond tiara11004 dj pon-331193 fluttershy233410 gloriosa daisy1917 indigo zap2710 juniper montage1515 lemon zest3400 maud pie13695 pinkie pie234676 princess cadance36037 rainbow dash255019 rarity199420 sci-twi28179 scootaloo54618 sour sweet3656 starlight glimmer54082 sugarcoat3601 sunny flare2937 sunset shimmer70832 sweetie belle52491 trixie73379 twilight sparkle327114 vignette valencia928 vinyl scratch31193 wallflower blush2533 human189484 equestria girls228407 equestria girls series37954 forgotten friendship6129 friendship games13751 legend of everfree8480 mirror magic2716 rainbow rocks19132 rollercoaster of friendship3283 spoiler:eqg specials5765 applejack's hat11295 arms in the air641 bag6922 barrette421 baubles60 beanie4226 belt7360 blazer238 boots27196 bow35912 bracelet12234 broach25 cargo shorts53 clipboard1467 clothes540915 compression shorts1430 converse6439 cowboy boots2045 cowboy hat21011 crossed arms6603 crystal prep academy uniform3719 cutie mark crusaders20509 cutie mark on clothes4805 denim660 denim shorts864 denim skirt2018 dress51971 ear piercing34066 earring26197 eqg promo pose set618 eyes closed115350 eyeshadow21212 female1556691 fingerless gloves5609 flower31382 freckles34862 geode of empathy3586 geode of fauna2309 geode of shielding2719 geode of sugar bombs2483 geode of super speed2989 geode of super strength2735 geode of telekinesis3432 glasses74717 gloves24265 goggles16094 hair bow20091 hair tie1163 hairband1532 hairclip1319 hairpin2939 hand on arm86 hand on chest519 hand on waist116 hands on waist123 hat104249 headband4349 headphones9137 high heel boots6953 high res81187 hoodie17213 humane five4724 humane six4475 jacket15498 jeans5157 jewelry86192 leather jacket4419 leg warmers2993 leggings2568 lipstick13445 looking at you207729 looking down11355 looking up19849 magical geodes10986 makeup29115 messy hair1153 miniskirt5308 multicolored hair8409 necklace24869 necktie8714 nervous6822 open mouth187975 pants18061 pencil skirt297 pendant2039 piercing51346 pigtails5458 plaid skirt715 platform shoes250 ponytail21849 poofy shoulders99 pose7323 ripped pants690 rolled up sleeves155 sandals5017 school uniform8224 shadow six223 shirt31034 shoes47199 shorts16627 shoulder bag131 simple background481407 skirt46642 smiling316077 socks78791 standing17091 stetson5390 studded belt15 sunglasses17794 sweatband638 sweater16709 tanktop9301 tights782 turtleneck1687 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135825 twintails1951 uniform12959 vest4568 wall of tags5137 watch1619 white background123810 wristband4372 wristwatch594


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Loves Twi and Sunset
We need more Gloriosa art. She’s super cute.
@Background Human  
I notice three veryglaringomissions.
I’m talking, of course, about Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Derpy.
They should’ve put one of them in that glaring open space between Juniper and Vignette.
I like Wallflower, it’s just the jokes are much too easy to make.