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ATG DAY 12- Draw a pony family / Draw a pony leaving the nest.

Mama said—
"Fulfill the prophecy, Be something great, Go make a legacy, Manifest destiny~"

So for ATG, I decided to do a little mother/son pic for it of Rayman and Betilla. I got inspired after wathing some ads for origins when it was about to come out. I remember one stuck out to me that inspired me to do this was the one where they basically show Betilla create him. It was silly, a little lewd, but my god I would be lying to say that it wasn’t adorable as all hell. Seriously, we only got her to appear twice, yet she feels like a fucking bad ass motherly figure.

And for abyone asking as to why I used their designs from the first game instead of well… Origins. I felt like it would be easier to do these ones, plus LOOK AT DAT SMALL GRAPE JELLYBEAN. HE IS ONE SMOL BOI.

Anyway, it took me much longer to do since I had a lotta stuff going on with chores, cooking, and a new family member. I ended up staying up all night to finished it (I’m serious, it’s 7:39 AM as I am typing this). Anyway, yeah! I’m pretty pleased with this!

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Rayman ©Ubisoft

Alt Name: *Hey Look Ma!"
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