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safe1724730 artist:nignogs142 spitfire13576 oc696079 oc:anon11782 human156487 pegasus298947 pony984964 abstract background15187 bipedal35247 chest fluff39954 cloud31263 dialogue66405 feather6073 female1379253 hug28654 lidded eyes31196 mare489802 open mouth149446 puffed chest92 reversed gender roles equestria128 sexism81 sexy29991 smiling253670 smothering730 stupid sexy spitfire807 text60377


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Background Pony #ECEC
I'd love to spend most of my time with my face buried in Spitfire's chest fluff.


This is the original story, but there are a few in the series. Not a ton, but a few. Just be aware this is absolutely clop; story heavy, character driven, and world-building clop, but still clop. Also be aware that the ponies in these stories tend not to be truly dominant, if that's what you're looking for. They just have reversed gender roles and thus tend to be more aggressive.

@Background Pony #E09A
Personally, my favorite take on RGRE is the Gentleman-verse series of stories: Females are considered the sexually aggressive / dominant gender in Equestria, just as males are among humans…. but this actually winds up working out perfectly when the two species meet, as human males and mares both wind up with partners who are both 'easy' and much more eager to please than normal.
Background Pony #2069
Nothing she said is a lie. If a stallion isn't in the kitchen, then he should be in the bedroom. And none of this "stallions should be able to vote and hold office" nonsense.

@Flummoxed Phoenix
The idea is that ponies (according to fandom) have a better sense of smell than humans do (humans have a pretty shitty sense of smell compared to most animals, either way). You get your mare's stank all over you, and that sends a message to other mares that the guy is taken.