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Artist’s Description:

Decided to get Spike’s hatching out in a small series of sketches.

When the sisters and Novo went outside to talk, the ever curious Twilight wanted a closer look at the egg. And while she is just as inquisitive as her Prime counterpart, she severely lacks the same level of education about the intricacies of magic.

So when she picked up the egg, she didn’t bother looking for what magic Celestia left on the egg. And like the falling of the first domino, Twilight’s clumsy magic set off a chain reaction.

One blast of uncontrolled magic later and Twilight was looking down at a tiny dragon. The baby was all smiles and cooed and gurgled just like a tiny foal would, reaching up to be picked up. She couldn’t help it, she had to pick him up.

Luna was the first through the door after the magic blast. And to her surprise, there was Twilight holding the baby dragon, looking very nervous.

After making sure they were both okay, the sisters then had the privilege of telling Twilight that by being the first thing he saw and then holding him, she had imprinted herself on him. In his eyes, she was his mother.
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Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer

If it weren’t for both Twilight and Luna being female, I can imagine Spike calling one of them ’Not the Mama’
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(Previously known as weatherwatcher)

So, this is Spikes hatching in an alternate universe where the ponies are nomads?

Am I guessing that right?

Please let me know if my assumption is actually wrong. And don’t use sarcasm on me please. I don’t read it well. It’s a quirk I’m not proud of.
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