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A compilation of Ocellus' unique forms (i.e., not a direct, faithful copy of someone else) in the first half of Season 8.
safe1639669 screencap213766 gallus6351 ocellus4990 sandbar5184 silverstream5806 smolder7387 yona4834 biteacuda39 bugbear185 dragon52206 earth pony224192 fish2315 griffon25599 pony905305 pukwudgie67 seapony (g4)3934 yak4334 non-compete clause704 school daze2702 .svg available8030 bugbear ocellus10 changeling mega evolution32 collage1294 cropped47355 disguise4417 disguised changeling2487 dragon ocellus61 female1305431 filly62891 flying36191 male351238 pony ocellus44 seaponified2031 seapony ocellus43 seapony silverstream286 species swap18330 student six1543 svg3499 teenager4426 vector74171


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Frustration in Excelsis
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That seems like a good guess. If she's not trying to pass herself off as someone else, keeping her general color scheme seems like a good way as any of making it clear that it's still her — and limiting the risk of everybody panicking when they're flattened by a bugbear, for example.
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So, if they turn into regular ponies or dragons, their disguises are perfect, but turning into beasts makes them have some sort of chromatic resemblance?