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safe (1458387)artist:tjpones (2716)princess cadance (28586)queen chrysalis (29967)shining armor (20365)alicorn (170038)changeling (34009)pony (723752)unicorn (215336)bed (32089)black and white (9830)cadance is not amused (71)cute (153960)cutealis (1505)female (785494)grayscale (31666)love triangle (370)male (267007)mare (350901)monochrome (136629)nervous (4488)stallion (76621)sweat (20467)sweating profusely (269)unamused (11664)


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17 comments posted
Bearded Dialogue Master
"Does mean I can’t—"

"Shining, I’m right here. Of course, you can’t do that."

"But, Cadance."




"I just wanted to sleep on the couch."

"… Everypony going to sleep now. No more arguments"

"I would gladly let you go sleep on the couch if I could join you."

"NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!"
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Dirty Bit
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

That's him, officer
This image, though. Chrysalis looks so content XD

Diplomacy makes for strange bedfellows. Strange but not entirely unwelcome.

I thought that was politics. Oh well :U
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Background Pony #3334
If you let Chryssy sleep over in your beds, you are technically her wifes now or "bed-bugs" as they are known in changeling culture.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Warning: Nuts Inside
The castle is huge. Surely there’s a guest bedroom?

If Shining had a brain in his head, he’d be sleeping as far away from his marital bed as possible right now. Like…on a train to Ponyville.
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