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My Life As A Short Dragon 25

"My Life As A Crystal Empire's Hero 3"

Spike is an adult. But nopony know about it because his short status fool them all. (His small size cause by lack of meat and greed). And ever since he hit puberty. He start to see ladies around him in the new light…Something he didn’t notice before…

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suggestive125906 artist:vavacung2172 princess cadance30061 princess flurry heart6124 spike73955 alicorn190368 dragon46370 pony824335 comic:my life as a short dragon108 blood22179 blushing172131 comic99570 eyes closed77923 female876817 frog (hoof)9524 hoof shoes3871 leg warmers2160 lovebutt960 male298238 milf7862 nosebleed2128 older22482 older flurry heart894 older spike4588 open mouth119990 plot70357 sanitary napkin9 sanitary pad15 sweat22299 tampon29 the ass was fat12279 underhoof45890 winged spike6935


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@Background Pony #20DB
Ah I see what you mean very clearly. The illusion that her body extends to her butt is supposed to be implied, but the artist has failed to do that. Because it's angled in a way where our minds can't auto-fill in the gap with what we'd expect to go there. All we can do is assume it's a separate floating object. If the angle was more in line with her body there'd be no problem.
Background Pony #0433
@Background Pony #C590

Weasel has the right of it. We see ponies and think earth counterpart, but in reality we're dealing with an alien species that only resemble what we're familiar with. They have more in common with humans than they do with ponies, so the idea that they might have other primate traits is not exactly far fetched. We don't know how they evolved, but we do know they are unlike horses in a lot of ways.
Background Pony #0A64
@Background Pony #62A7
ponies in MLP aren't like real ponies, but they're not humans either. so assuming that they could have menstruation is just as stupid as assuming that they couldn't
Background Pony #0433
@Background Pony #E11C
Saying ponies are horses is like saying Poodles are Bulldogs.

Ponies and horses are both equines, so they are part of the same race, but distinctly different breeds of that race. And MLP are different from either, having intelligence, the ability to pose in ways that would break a true ponies' bones, and even the ability to eat things that would poison them. Assuming everything horselike applies to MLP is kind of foolish.
Background Pony #0662
I will go ahead and assume Flurry had it on her before putting it on Spike
Background Pony #6167
well the point i was making is that the style this artist draws butts looks incredibly unnatural and awkward, and as if the butt and the rest of the pony's body aren't even attached to one another.
Background Pony #6167
the way this artist draws butts, it looks like they aren't even attached to the rest of the pony's body, like it's on a completely different layer that's just slapped on. even the way cadance is facing is inconsistent with the way her butt is facing.
Background Pony #0433
Eh, again, just seems unneeded. If you want an adult Spike, it's easy, make images of him in the future like you do here, or have him dreaming or something. Don't just ignore the way time works and claim he's older without actually making him older.