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suggestive164993 artist:ambris1413 princess cadance35716 queen chrysalis38026 alicorn260540 changeling55488 changeling queen20167 anthro299698 unguligrade anthro55749 abstract background19431 arm warmers813 babydoll307 beautisexy1158 belly button91159 big breasts99491 blushing227411 bra18325 breasts323789 busty princess cadance3685 busty queen chrysalis4319 cadalis415 choker15982 cleavage39174 clothes532912 corset4927 crystal heart1039 curvy7915 duo96993 duo female16739 evening gloves9421 eyelashes20066 eyeshadow20585 female1535553 frilly243 frilly underwear4637 gloves23803 halter top81 holding hands3232 infidelity7944 kneeling10472 leg warmers2948 lesbian105587 lidded eyes36316 lingerie11858 long gloves7246 looking at you203358 makeup28300 mare577456 midriff20958 milf11138 nightgown1636 panties55485 ribbon7948 ripped stockings332 sharp teeth4749 shipping222404 skindentation152 smiling308865 stockings39487 teeth13135 thigh highs45160 thighs19753 thong6759 toeless stockings148 underwear67945 wide hips22295 wings158183


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Background Pony #A118
This will sound odd, but I wonder. What would Chrysalis and other Changelings feel like if you ran your hand along their skin/exoskeleton? In their natural forms I assume they’d feel something like leather. Flexible, anyway, more so then real insects.
I write a bit, I wonder about these oddball things.
Neko Majin C
Non-Fungible Trixie -
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Twilight's Westley
I think it is a little easier for Chrysalis to maintain her figure. Popping out eggs seems like it would be less taxing on the body than pushing out an entire watermelon sized alicorn.
Background Pony #A118
For some reason I’m imagining them both as Changelings, namely Thorax and Pharynx looking for love dinner.