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Yesterday's prompt was Draw a pony going to school / Draw a pony obtaining forbidden knowledge. Uh oh, looks like Lyra may have gotten in over her head here! After analyzing a wall written with the same language she translated earlier, she may have acquired some knowledge she probably shouldn't have, and something seems determined to take her to school for it…
safe1636652 artist:bjdazzle131 lyra heartstrings28690 pony901653 unicorn293940 comic:accidental transit guardians30 !!!24 atg 2018725 chibi13655 comic104530 dark4400 female1302629 foreign language24 glowing eyes10511 glowing horn18190 ice1173 mare448387 newbie artist training grounds5603 offscreen character31883 oh crap277 ominous80 realization221 scared9900 shaking1376 shocked6372 solo1018009 terrified379 this will not end well1521 wall writing173 writing1175


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