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Lilac Sky was just doing her job cheering on the Wonderbolts with Spring Step when a cheeky pranking Pegasus did a fly-by past them which resulted in her panties being yanked up over head almost instantly as the speedy blue mare blasted past her. Spring Step noticed her friend's predicament but couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Lilac with her panties up over her head. Though Spring Step will need to watch out, Dash is swinging about to come back for another pass.
suggestive135416 artist:tacomytaco444 lilac sky134 rainbow dash226697 spring step186 sunlight spring186 pegasus266484 pony906131 atomic wedgie90 belly button72929 bipedal32543 bow26585 cheerleader2614 cheerleader outfit911 clothes436156 female1306255 flying36213 midriff18776 panties48236 pink underwear4162 shirt23027 sisters8158 skirt37774 socks62268 striped socks20570 underwear58228 uniform9956 wedgie1478 wonderbolts uniform5630


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