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SFW poster kinda, Hope y’all like. I did happen to notice a mess up with her eyebrow and shirt. That happens sometimes during rendering, and also, notice the bulge. :P
dead source19890 suggestive129872 artist:russtydashsfm79 derpibooru exclusive24507 rainbow dash221094 anthro234153 3d65772 audi61 audi a47 breasts246122 car5601 clipping104 clothes415372 crotch bulge3936 futa41333 futa rainbow dash3370 grin33483 looking at you148035 pants12581 shirt21733 smiling218551 solo983577 solo futa15264 source filmmaker40050


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Background Pony #6DDD
The eyebrow is well… very off. That's why you don't lock the resized eyebrow into the resized head, that will somehow confuse the system so it will display the eyebrow in the wrong place upon rendering.