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OKAY BASICALLY maledic and treeshy are out of this AU. deado. not canon. I have to rework….a lot… of bios…. but it’s fine. ive had maledic for a long time but i was never really satisfied with her. she kinda carries onto this new gal in the sense that she’s discord’s kid, but in every other sense she is a completely different char.
why fluttercord now? because of this wonderful line that killed me and possibly discord:

"you don’t have tea with fluttershy every weekend because you like tea."

(ill update all the other description featuring maledic when it’s not 2am and i should be in bed loglghgdlgjfj)

fluttercord – fluttershy has patience fo daze, as we all know well. after discord and twilight’s very..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm horrendous break up, much of the mane six refused to talk to him (not that they spoke to him much to begin with, mind you) – the only one of them that still talked to him, at all, was fluttershy who regularly welcomed him for tea at her cottage weekly. and though as patient and kind as fluttershy is, she was not afraid to give him a slap on the wrist for his misbehaviour, and he got much of an earful from her… that he surprisingly, took.

there has always been something special about fluttershy that the draconequus just… had such a soft spot for. other ponies he was all for messing with, tormenting them till they broke, or just being plain cruel – but fluttershy made him feel warm, and soft, and gentle. he wanted to protect her and love her.

the two are like the perfect old married couple together really.

after some time together, they made the decision that they wanted a family together. it seemed a little odd, and potentially impossible considering him a draconequui and her just a pegasus (while it might be easier for, say, an alicorn to have a child with a pegasus due to their high magic levels that can match a draconequus, pegasi seemed hardly up to the task). however, though it took a lot of tries and a lot of tears, fluttershy eventually fell pregnant with their little cubby.

Iris – Daughter of Fluttershy and Discord

va – (x) – constance shulman

Iris, for being the child of a pure being of chaos, is as chill as they come. due to flutters being a pegasus, she doesnt nearly have as much chaotic/magical ability as her father. this used to bug Iris a lot, and perhaps it bugged discord a little bit too (he would have loved to have a little daughter to wreak havoc with across ponyville, sure, but he still loved his little cubby for who she was) but as she matured, she learned to accept herself…and just ride those chill viiiiibes.

summer ballad and iris are definitely best buds, and dated for a short time when they were both weedy teens. they’d known each other since they were babus (bc of their mamas) and so things seemed like theyd be a little awkward, but really the relationship just meant they could be best friends and also like smooch sometimes. it ended quite naturally and happily thankfully, with both of them respectively realising they’re not interested in the opposite gender, and went back to being dorky best friends that fit perfectly together. She loves to attend Summer’s shows and performances and regularly goes over to his and sea star’s house for dinner.

iris is a lot smaller than discord, but still pretty gargantuan compared to ponies. she also can’t float like discord can (or at least, not for very long) due to a lack of magic so she tends to walk more like a pony than a draconequus. she still noodley tho… there was also a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not iris is an immortal creature like discord, or if she was mortal like a pony. she decided that instead of worrying herself into a corner over something like that she should just live in the moment. it’s not how long you’re here, it’s what you do here. meta.

(although no, she’s not immortal, and discord being the last of his species is still in dire need of a draconequus cub heir that could inherit the title of god of chaos. it certainly wouldnt be iris tho….hmmm….)
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Wow, for betraying her race and breeding with Chaos itself, Fluttershy had lost her cuite mark forever.
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