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Small render of the set of armour that I’ve modeled after Burgerkiss’ interpretation of it, along with a myriad of additions:
safe (1426400)artist:evan555alpha (180)queen chrysalis (29227)anthro (200281)3d (51276)armor (18735)blank expression (38)blender (3547)bodysuit (1435)boots (16003)clothes (354846)cuirass (12)cycles (419)cycles render (148)dandelion (110)fauld (5)front view (239)girdle (46)gloves (14239)grass (6860)helmet (8053)mandibles (79)pauldron (70)peytral (1621)plaque (27)ponytail (13136)shoes (24000)simple background (290111)tail (14709)tights (467)t pose (139)transparent background (151528)


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In Treue fest
Nice! Always loved seeing Chrysalis in armour and it’s nice to see the IDW armour again. I’ve always wondered what exactly it was made of. I’m liking this anthro version. The bodysuit design works very well.
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