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Sonic The Hedgehog

OC Cinnamon Spring
Headcanon:The Mirror Pool makes clones with the dominant
personally of the user amplified…but,in rare occasions it may create a clone out of the 2nd most dominant personality…when the true Pinkie lured the clones with the prospect of a party…one Pinkie wasn't interested and when she saw the others being vaporized by Twilight and the others…she ran and escaped into Everfree…The one Pinkie that got away…and vowed to avenge the pool Pinkies,the personality of that Pinkie was not on of happiness…it was of pure hatred…she was going to kill the ponies who killed her kin…she decided to not go by the name of the true Pinkie instead she used a name ingrained into her mind…one hadn't been called since the day she ran away from hone and saw a rainbow in sky and had herself pushed to the back of her mind…Pinkamena Diane Pie…and now in the Everfree Forest she waits for the right time in which to start her genocide…