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suggestive170659 artist:maniacpaint489 princess celestia104280 human198712 absolute cleavage4596 bent over4871 big breasts104575 bikini22097 breasts336787 busty princess celestia12072 cleavage40369 clothes551121 cloud37301 crown24332 female1582550 hair over one eye11003 horned humanization7454 huge breasts48456 humanized109101 jewelry89009 looking at you213064 plump7940 praise the sun2223 regalia29023 sexy36901 simple background491994 socks80388 solo1248748 solo female204767 stupid sexy celestia1862 swimsuit34347 thigh highs47660 tongue out126621 white background127210 winged humanization9461 wings169830


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i cant wait for another Maniacpaints Eris, i really love her design, just like this.
He streams more often these days, so you could have a chance to suggest it.
Background Pony #057B
@Background Pony #6A36  
One thing I’ve always noticed: most of the princesses are drawn as recolors of the same pose but Chrissy always gets her own individual shot; usually an ass shot