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Trixie: ‘M-maybe you’ll get it once we get the saddle on..’

suggestive188641 artist:lance124 starlight glimmer59333 trixie78944 pony1581460 unicorn528358 g42006570 blinders363 blushing268797 bridle4904 collar47236 confused6606 cutie mark51410 duo164200 female1780287 glowing horn28706 horn178512 horn ring7562 lesbian116458 lewd891 lip bite15211 magic95479 ship:startrix3758 shipping251138 simple background585223 sweat39780 tack6999 tail wrap8242 telekinesis38559 trembling1051 white background157480


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Economist -

dang haha. once she gets that tail wrap snugly on her plot, she’s going to look soooooo hot. lucky Trixie
but a saddle? wow, that’s going to be a good fashion! ;)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

love the concept of regular riding stuff being lewd.
just imagine the reactors of ponies when anon goes around saying how he loved riding horses with bridles and saddles back in his world