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Bites lip
“Y-you… you do know I can hear you… ‘taking care of yourself’ back there, right?”
“…I-I’ll allow it.”

Questionable edit of >>1093991 from /trash/.
suggestive164993 artist:sundown1572 edit150060 princess celestia102280 pony1245996 ass63081 blushing227413 both cutie marks12062 butt148839 crown22784 dialogue75807 dock58463 embarrassed12971 eyeshadow20585 female1535557 frown26949 hands off the merchandise3 horn104977 jewelry83823 large butt22640 lipstick13124 makeup28300 nudity429551 peytral4516 plot103827 plump7778 praise the sun2198 presenting27947 raised tail19293 rear view16445 regalia26914 sfw edit260 solo1209892 solo female199352 speech bubble28935 standing16806 sunbutt4732 sweat31440 tail54686 the ass was fat17240 thick5142 thunder thighs11133 tsundere3170 wings158184 you can look but you can't touch4


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