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it’s been a while since I’ve done something mlp. If you don’t ship please don’t be mean these are my current mane 6 ships.
art by me
safe (1344527)artist:imaginationstudios43 (6)applejack (139535)cheese sandwich (2707)discord (25493)fluttershy (174210)pinkie pie (179420)rainbow dash (193820)rarity (148563)soarin' (12032)spike (62859)starlight glimmer (34557)trixie (52387)twilight sparkle (246125)alicorn (146855)cheesepie (902)discoshy (2237)female (683366)lesbian (74641)male (231345)shipping (151533)soarinjack (186)sparity (5571)startrix (1928)straight (102354)twidash (4657)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (94081)


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Background Pony #BE98
@Background Pony #7F23
the writers literally implied that he had a crush on fluttershy otherwise if they didn’t care about the ship they wouldn’t have even bothered to put the line in because there are so many discord ships already and fluttershy is the only mare he mentions so who knowsm
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Background Pony #7F23
Only Fluttercord and CheesePie have chances to become canon in S9. Especially Discord and Fluttershy, since Wierd Al can’t make a deal with DHX to get another episode.
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Background Pony #59E4
Let’s see:

1.) That ship always had some really creepy feeling like a convict dating their parole officer or a patient dating their therapist.

2.) I like it, but even I have to admit there’s not much to latch onto aside from Soarin’s love of pie and their coat colors being complimentary.

3.) No major issue with it aside from the usual frustration with fandom’s refusing to just let friends be friends and enjoy the relationship without trying to read romance into it.

4.) Cheese is kind of rule 63 Pinkie, so that’s a little weird, but at least it means they’ve got lots in common.

5.) I never did see the appeal of this. Was it the jock dating a nerd dynamic?

6.) It would never work in show, but I have to say that there is something sweet about the concept of a patient love that began very early and waited until the right time to blossom.
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Background Pony #2F4E
From left to right:
why not?;
of course!;
more of a twiluna fan – yet this one’s nostalgic;
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