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The happy family for a photo op at Sweet Apple Acres. Starting from Left to Right we have Zap Apple Blitz, Big Mac, Rainbow Dash, Rosy Glow, and Jupiter Whirlwind.

Zap Apple Blitz is the eldest and first mare, Jupiter Whirlwind the Middle and only stallion, and Rosy Glow the baby and second mare.
safe1574493 artist:flaredrake206 big macintosh26854 rainbow dash219254 oc604345 oc:jupiter whirlwind1 oc:rosy glow1 oc:zap apple blitz2 earth pony198651 pegasus239275 pony844997 family4009 female898348 male305202 mare415086 offspring34356 parent:big macintosh2671 parent:rainbow dash5006 parents:rainbowmac52 rainbowmac466 shipping183864 stallion92585 straight121615 straw in mouth826


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