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A new clopfic I’m making soon.
safe1573111 editor:huntercwalls22 adagio dazzle11956 applejack158629 aria blaze9202 fluttershy197460 indigo zap2310 lemon zest3039 lyra heartstrings27767 pinkie pie202968 princess cadance30405 princess celestia89899 princess luna93887 rainbow dash219085 rarity169473 sci-twi22023 sonata dusk12582 spike74768 sunset shimmer57464 trixie62000 twilight sparkle282334 dog8568 equestria girls179741 equestria girls series28387 forgotten friendship4634 friendship games11969 rainbow rocks17438 rollercoaster of friendship2222 turf war266 adagiospike22 applespike765 ariaspike19 belly button67345 clothes408206 dean cadance1010 fanfic10188 fanfic art13022 female897223 fimfiction529 flutterspike520 geode of fauna1302 geode of sugar bombs1470 geode of super speed1728 geode of super strength1539 geode of telekinesis2366 heart eyes13979 humane five2795 humane seven2125 humane six2680 in love210 infidelity5328 interspecies20635 magical geodes6617 male304822 pinkiespike406 rainbowspike498 romance656 romantic1134 shipping183699 sourspike4 sparity6284 spike gets all the equestria girls125 spike the dog2457 spikedance109 spikelestia228 spikezest11 spiluna129 spinata37 spindigo4 spixie230 spyra23 straight121485 sunsetspike139 swimsuit24642 the dazzlings4039 twispike1622 wallpaper17716 wingding eyes19112


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