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safe1640641 screencap213894 burning passion42 cherry cola473 cherry fizzy532 cloud kicker1911 derpy hooves49083 heart pacer34 lightning bolt895 love sketch34 mayor mare3166 millie163 roseluck4908 star hunter345 strawberry swing20 white lightning895 earth pony224530 pegasus266485 pony906139 best gift ever2349 background pony9795 christmas13744 christmas lights1715 earmuffs1159 female1306262 flying36213 hearth's warming tree115 holiday19020 male351548 mare450355 night24804 ponyville5489 ponyville town hall281 snow13347 stallion100801 the true gift of gifting18 town hall299 tree30406 unnamed character516 unnamed pony1923 winter4349


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