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Mave the Mischievous

When I saw Badumsquish's adorably evil Bizarro-Mave I instantly knew I had to draw something of her. Went with the flow and tried a looser art style with this one to get across her emotions a bit more, I think it worked out pretty well.
safe1552640 artist:parallel black196 oc592208 oc only403524 oc:mave75 oc:mean mave2 alp-luachra115 original species22673 the mean 61546 badumsquish approved86 bust39034 digital art10806 evil2524 female877094 frown21325 gradient background10551 grin32108 messy mane6823 plotting101 portrait27995 smiling209176 solo957420


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I can imagine Mean Mave plotting the downfall of both her host and the whole of Equestria from within her host's stomach, only to get distracted by tasty cupcake and things that they keep eating.

The expression was so much fun. I had images of cartoon villains in my head while drawing it XD