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Congratulations Twilight! Let's celebrate the big news with the 6th collection set, filled with Ponyville's most Adorkable pony and representative of the Element of Magic.
safe1690555 artist:pilot231147 twilight sparkle298526 alicorn221466 pony952134 unicorn316495 adorkable3522 cannon853 cheering797 clothes453746 collection469 crown16549 cute197495 dork3791 dress43963 gala dress4543 gradient background12397 happy30794 jewelry62072 multeity2205 regalia19446 royal wedding81 singing6245 sparkle sparkle sparkle233 spread wings53818 starry eyes3279 twiabetes11627 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122998 unicorn twilight16928 wingding eyes21897


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Background Pony #153E
What? Don’t you like that I added the other diabetes + character name tags? Do you dislike them because they’re bad puns?
Background Pony #153E
I added the "cute" and "twiabetes" tags, I also added the "cute" and the other "diabetes" and character name combined tags.