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Hard to believe it's been a year since I first made this edit. Since I still had the Sai file lying around and it got some love despite being fart themed, I decided to edit it yet again to make it sort of a mini comic.

Looks like Pinkie Pie got the last laugh after all!
suggestive139725 edit129592 edited screencap63418 screencap218759 applejack167691 pinkie pie213571 earth pony238594 pony941398 shadow play1286 applebutt4211 bait and switch619 butt53859 butt touch3812 butthug347 comic107253 eyes closed90315 face fart211 faceful of ass1064 fart2147 fart edit104 fart fetish1013 fart sniffing39 female1338321 fetish38825 hug27685 looking back55609 mare467592 mortified10 olfactophilia241 open mouth140449 parody15545 payback107 pinkie hugging applejack's butt88 plot77063 screencap comic4486 sick1723 smiling240938 smug5824 sniffing783 surprised9058


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