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Wedding photo.

#but who’s getting married
#who’s wedding is it anyway
safe (1461926)artist:greyscaleart (883)night light (1789)princess cadance (28638)princess celestia (85138)princess luna (89416)shining armor (20400)twilight sparkle (265904)twilight velvet (3500)alicorn (170867)pony (727143)unicorn (216958)bust (33203)cadance is not amused (71)colored pencil drawing (1497)constellation (597)constellation freckles (69)ethereal mane (5049)expressions (810)female (788798)freckles (21396)frown (20069)greyscaleart is trying to murder us (41)male (268128)mare (353099)marriage (966)night light is not amused (2)partial color (4086)royal sisters (3384)shining armor is not amused (33)skewed priorities (54)stallion (77133)tan background (190)traditional art (100262)twilight snapple (1775)twilight velvet is not amused (4)unamused (11708)wedding (1158)wedding photo (9)


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