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safe1688206 artist:sjart117144 princess celestia94217 princess luna98409 alicorn220950 pony949929 :p8665 alternate hairstyle27679 autumn1609 c:1197 cute197138 cutelestia3551 eyes closed91365 female1346259 filly65391 happy30726 heart eyes16008 hilarious in hindsight3139 holding hooves1617 hug27881 leaves1904 lunabetes3502 mare471976 open mouth142105 outdoors10275 playing1468 ponytail17553 royal sisters4348 silly7385 sisters8633 sitting62199 smiling243183 teenager4560 tongue out102070 tree31713 wingding eyes21829 woona5049 young celestia341 young luna155 younger17188


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