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suggestive (95664)artist:nightmaremoons (355)rainbow dash (181995)spike (58099)twilight sparkle (229496)ask pun (459)alternate hairstyle (17496)ask (21060)bed (25156)bipedal (23470)book (22293)caught (2249)clothes (292083)comic (75512)golden oaks library (3174)implied lesbian (1838)implied shipping (2541)implied twidash (151)pony (499876)prone (17248)rainbow socks (1037)sir mix-a-lot (13)socks (39981)song reference (2241)striped socks (13939)


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It unfortunately does not seem to be on Derpi. I’ve looked for it twice now. The artist was DNP for a long time, so it’s possible it was deleted, or it really never has been uploaded here.
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