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Season 8 screencaps.

Ep. 14: A Matter of Principals
Ep. 15: The Hearth’s Warming Club
Ep. 16: Friendship University
Ep. 17: The End in Friend
Ep. 18: Yakity-Sax
Ep. 19: On the Road to Friendship
Ep. 20: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
Ep. 21: The Washouts
Ep. 22: What Lies Beneath
Ep. 23: Sounds of Silence
Ep. 24: Father Knows Beast
Ep. 25: School Raze, Part 1
Ep. 26: School Raze, Part 2

Applejack has been added! Yay!


safe (1273051)artist:nightshadowmlp (257)edit (77347)edited screencap (30294)screencap (136476)applejack (133627)autumn blaze (1505)chancellor neighsay (410)cozy glow (1486)discord (24527)fern flare (72)fluttershy (166474)gallus (2871)lightning dust (3504)november rain (196)ocellus (2096)peppermint goldylinks (193)pinkie pie (172242)rainbow dash (185724)rain shine (202)rarity (142193)rockhoof (722)sandbar (2297)scootaloo (43211)silverstream (2540)sludge (dragon) (293)smolder (2537)spike (59526)starlight glimmer (31709)trixie (49703)twilight sparkle (234757)yona (1935)a matter of principals (727)a rockhoof and a hard place (688)father knows beast (745)friendship university (568)road to friendship (1100)school raze (1674)sounds of silence (2075)the end in friend (572)the hearth's warming club (655)the washouts (episode) (923)what lies beneath (1176)yakity-sax (615)spoiler:s08e14 (727)spoiler:s08e15 (641)spoiler:s08e16 (563)spoiler:s08e17 (572)spoiler:s08e18 (617)spoiler:s08e19 (1102)spoiler:s08e20 (925)spoiler:s08e21 (687)spoiler:s08e22 (1176)spoiler:s08e23 (2413)spoiler:s08e24 (745)spoiler:s08e25 (982)spoiler:s08e26 (1025)alicorn (132367)angry (16071)background pony (5650)book (23061)changedling (4141)changeling (24787)clothes (305781)dragon (26866)dragoness (3081)earth pony (109634)female (618033)friendship student (540)griffon (18135)hearth's warming tree (84)hippogriff (4724)kirin (2913)male (209320)mane seven (3998)mane six (23262)mare (261986)mlp season compilation (5)nervous (3567)pegasus (145219)pony (550324)season 8 compilation (2)slime (1423)stallion (56426)student six (797)tree (18392)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (87568)unicorn (152071)uniform (6181)wall of tags (1266)washouts uniform (404)winged spike (2236)yak (1815)yovidaphone (165)


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Horizon Spark

(Previously known as AwesomeEric25)

Rising Writer
You could just change the Sounds of Silence screencap so it’ll have her in it. In fact change some of these, they do a terrible job of representing the episodes.
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