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“Starlight!” A voice called from down the castle hall, the rather large unicorn struggling to get her costume on over her doughy middle, which had swelled out with fat over the last couple of weeks… The fact that she had just sneakily snacked on all the candy in the castle didn’t help her situation, either.. “Hnngh..! Come on you.. Stupid thing..!” She finally clicks it together, her Ghostbuster jacket barely fastened over her round gut as she falls back with a little sigh. She rolls over onto her belly, desperately trying to hide as much pudge as she possibly could. “Okay… Breathe, Starlight… You got it! No one will- huff- suspect a thing..” Just as Twilight wanders into the room, the unicorn meeps as her squishy middle lets out a loud bloooooorp~! “Seems like we found out where all the Nightmare Night candy went…” Twilight says with a little teasing smirk, Starlight letting out a flustered little groan in response. She could already tell it was gonna be a long night.. Ghost-busted..

Annnnd that does it! The last Halloween-Tubbo for OreoTober! Here we have a rather full Starlight who barely fits into her costume! Hard to hide all the candy she’s stolen when her belly still peeks out from underneath it… Seems it’s gonna be a long Nightmare Night for her, Twilight for sure isn’t gonna let her live this down. Expect a night full of teasing, if not playful stuffing afterwords once they return home… And quite a noisy belly to help remind her all night long as she waddles about through Ponyville…

This one was really fun to work with, just because I got to play with a bit of a costume. It was nice messing with the pose too! Having Star squished over on her belly like that. =//w//= All in all, much like all the doodles I did this month, this one for sure is one of my favs and I hope you like it too, even though I know Star is a point of tension amongst some.. >w< Thanks to everyone who’s tuned in and supported these couple of doodles throughout the last few weeks. Every like, reblog, upvote, and comment means the world to me and I’m so glad so many people are interested in my arts and stuff. Thanks again, happy halloween, and happy OreoTober everyone!!

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safe1602742 artist:dorky-oreo-pone44 starlight glimmer45204 pony871098 belly25532 big belly9274 blushing180347 chubby cheeks3259 clothes420707 costume25461 embarrassed10431 fat20419 female1275017 ghostbusters297 huge belly2368 morbidly obese7124 obese10568 signature20363 simple background355416 solo993984 squishy2291 starlard glimmer171 stomach noise2800 story included8226 traditional art110338 weight gain3763


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ok this is lit
Big costume for BIG Glim
I love this recent batch of ponies! And have you tried writing longer stories, because I like the write-ups that go with all of these. Can't wait to see what you've got cooking next.