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Colorization of JJ’s swimsuit Celestia. >>1872466

suggestive185415 artist:johnjoseco4526 color edit8806 colorist:lanceomikron85 edit167867 edited edit2884 princess celestia110384 human234251 g41926601 absolute cleavage5263 beautiful8024 beautisexy1718 belly button105564 big breasts119964 bikini24679 bikini babe834 blushing261593 breasts376047 busty princess celestia13356 cleavage44860 clothes611430 colored24135 crown28602 cutie mark on human2508 female1739117 humanized116488 jewelry106742 looking at you246231 praise the sun2359 regalia34684 sexy43775 simple background569130 solo1381501 solo female225219 stupid sexy celestia2159 swimsuit37870 underass3226 white background151810


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

potato wizard
Wow, is this guy is still making art  
that’s pretty astounding  
I though his career was ended when that picture of his real face surfaced  
good on him